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  • Model: SPA LOUNGER
  • Dimensions: 1,867.00cm x 700.00cm x 958.00cm

The Harvia Couche bench is designed for optimal relaxation. The bench is designed to support the natural shape of the body, creating an extremely relaxing resting experience. Thanks to their resistance to water and high-quality materials, Couche benches can be used all year round indoors at spas and wellness centres, as well as outdoors in gardens, on terraces, at pools etc. Create a functional and great-looking furniture scheme by combining innovative Harvia decoration modules in a harmonious way. Enjoy relaxing moments with solutions provided by a Sauna & Spa pioneer with more than 60 years of experience.

Harvia Spa Modules offer an easy and effective way to implement the furnishings and structures of even the most demanding spa destinations. The manufacturing method can also be scaled down effectively for home steam rooms, spas and shower recesses – in almost any form imaginable.

Harvia Spa Modules are:

•easy and quick to install

•easy to modify

•lightweight yet strong (with a structural strength comparable to concrete)

•particularly effective at water insulation

•comfortable to use (they warm up/cool down when in contact with the body much faster than concrete structures)

•manufactured from extruded polystyrene (XPS)

•ecological compared to concrete (manufacturing consumes less water and energy)

Ready-made – just add a surface! Harvia Spa Modules deliveries comprise wall, ceiling and seat structures as ready-to-install modules. After the modules have been installed, they are levelled and waterproofed. All the client has to do is select and purchase tiles and arrange for their installation. For use in spas, home spas, fitness clubs, wellness centres, hotels...

•steam rooms


•cold rooms

•poolside benches, swimming pools

•furniture, such as recliners

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