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Classica Wooden Foottub

  • Weight around : 5kg
  • Size : 40Dia x 24H cm
  • Foot baths refresh, revive and invigorate not only our feet but our entire body. When your nerves are frayed and your energy is low, a foot bath will boost your energy, soothe your spirit and soften your feet. Foot baths work great for sore, swollen and aching feet especially after hiking, walking or bike riding.
  • Foot baths work well for heat headaches. It pulls the hot energy out of your head down and out through your feet. Try 4 drops lavender and 2 drops peppermint essential oil.
  • You can always fit a foot bath into your busy schedule, you can take a foot bath while watching TV.
  • Although, it’s better to create a spa space to relax and revitalize your entire self. Listen to some relaxing music or music that makes you feel good, burn some candles, read a magazine or a book, have a cup of ginger tea, a glass of sparkling fruit water or just look out the window to nature and daydream.
  • Keep a pad and pen by you to jot down inspirational ideas. When your feet are in water you won’t get up to do the many things on your to do list and instead relax and just be. When we do good things for ourselves the list gets done quicker and easier.

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