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Finland Green Cedar Wood Log Sauna

Finland Green Cedar Wood Log Sauna
Finland Green Cedar Wood Log Sauna
Finland Green Cedar Wood Log Sauna
Finland Green Cedar Wood Log Sauna
Finland Green Cedar Wood Log Sauna
Finland Green Cedar Wood Log Sauna
Finland Green Cedar Wood Log Sauna
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Green Wood Sauna
  • Dimensions: 2,550.00cm x 2,570.00cm x 2,300.00cm
Finlad Green Cedar Wood Sauna

-        Sauna timber work c/w bench, ceiling, walls & flooring, of Green wood strip panelling 18 x 24mm

-        2” fiberglass wool and 1 layer double-sided hi-gloss aluminium foils for heat insulation and vapour barrier feature.

-        Construction framing made from 1” x 2” quality MERANTI wood structure.

-        Full glass sauna door & anti-rust hinges

-        Standard accessories: wooden bucket, wooden ladle, thermo-hygrometer, sand-timer, sauna light fitting

-        Upgrading accessories: sauna signage, sauna soft pillow

-        Standard 2D-layout drawings up to client’s approval within max. of 3months’ time

-        Rounded edges on bench, L-shape on 1 tier bench,

-        Backrest with LED light

-        C150VKK control unit with weekly timer


Upgrading Feature

-        Orange Nano Salt Block, code 1.20.2000, of deodorant effect; size 200x100x25, 0.02m2, Inner surface wall R2 ; 1m x 2.2m -110pcs

-        Reflection LED lighting effect for Salt Block  

-        Green Wood Cedar timber panelling at changing room 
Size: 2100*2300

-        Install Fee

-        Glass Paneling Size: 520*2300

-        Glass Door

The Specification of “Green Sauna”:

1)     Environmental friendly & recyclable 

2)     Green wood quality with added value of termite-resistant

3)     Eco-soapstone sauna heater of energy savings & eco-friendly

4)     Enhanced-sauna climate for a more balancing humidity & temperature

5)     Non-toxic building materials

6)     Longer durability against fungus & bugs

7)     Aesthetic design integrating with functionality

8)     More resistance to the fire & flame spread

9)     Fresher & cleaner indoor environment

10)   LED lighting of energy savings


i.                Green Wood quality with added value of termite resistant

-  To use the most genuine formulated green wood in ply feature, but at the same time to avoid from termite in general. Such Green Sauna ply woods are to emit an unique natural aroma that drives away the most destructive termite, to reach for longer durability against fungus & bugs, enhanced acoustic property for better sound insulation effect, lower rating to indicate more resistance to the fire & flame spread in case of fire.

-  We have selected a wide variety from Fir, Cyprus, Cedar, Khakis and Spruce and our most skilful craftsmen are to construct in combination form of aesthetic & functionality.


ii.              Eco-Soapstone sauna heater of energy savings & eco-friendly

-  Born billions of years ago, soapstone represents timelessness & eternity with such silky façade is impenetrable that its beauty is last through generations. Soapstone also known as steatite rock was formed in extreme heat & pressure some 2.billion years ago, which have superb ability to absorb heat & induce a more balanced-sauna climate with high temperature & moist content reading.

-  Such green heating machine has full body that covered with soapstone has an amazingly even heat distribution from the floor up to the ceiling. Water thrown on the heater will be transformed to pleasant steam from the uniquely designed soap stones with water pockets. It is definitely a green choice of energy-savings & eco-friendly.


iii.             Non-toxic construction materials

-  To adopt the most greenery elements from the eco binder system that is applicable to all cement based products. Subsequently results in longer durability, lower environmental impact and higher performance specifically on salt water resistance and reduced cracking. To apply “green cement” technology as well for low cost and high performance which has properties that make it suitable for load bearing and machine structure applications. To apply such silicate binder system that pushes the boundaries of chemical resistance to new levels for mineral based non-organic materials, which consider a breakthrough in the dry mortar technology. This has also been tested and proven to have extreme heat resistance, high abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion on different substrates.

iv.             Energy savings LED sauna lights

-  A wide selection of sauna light designs to choose from energy savings LED of heat & water proof of IP64std, to create a few of our famous sauna designs of “SaunaKolar”, “Sauna StarryNite”, “Sauna Comfort”, and “Sauna

-  Ottoman”.

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